758,941 domestic abuse-related crimes were recorded in the year ending March 2020

There was a 65% increase in calls to the national domestic abuse helpline in the first three months of the first lockdown, compared to the previous three months.

Women with no recourse to public funds and uncertain immigration status have no access to government-funded services that would normally support a woman fleeing domestic abuse.

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Whispers of Hope works to support and protect victims of domestic abuse or sex trafficking who have no recourse to public funds and immigration issues.

One in four women in this country will experience domestic abuse, and of those who do, many will have no recourse to public funds.

No recourse to public funds means that the person does not have access to benefits, support services, mental, emotional or financial support.

Women with no recourse to public funds are at risk of homelessness, trafficking, honour-based violence and further abuse. Their immigration status and the right to be in the UK is often dependent on their relationship with their abuser.

Standing in the gap

Whispers of Hope is able to offer a range of support and a safe space for women due to the dedication of our volunteers, partners and supporters(link).

Avan House can take up to 3 women on a temporary, emergency basis whilst their immigration status is established, and support is put in place.
Takes place weekly and provides peer support, support from befrienders, well-being sessions, craft activities and English language support.
Befriending relationships are unique but typically include phone contact, arranging and getting to appointments, being a listening ear, dealing with other services on their behalf, and being a good friend. All our befrienders receive full training and ongoing support.
Specialist immigration support is provided through our partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau. 
Women are referred to Whispers of Hope and consent is gained before we start working with them. Safety planning is completed with all women that consent to Whispers of Hope supporting them.
Each woman referred to and supported by Whispers of Hope is individually assessed and signposted to any other services or organisations that may be able to support their needs.
We stand together with our women, adding our voice to theirs when they are not being heard. We want our beneficiaries to feel that their wishes are being genuinely considered when decisions are made about their lives. Ultimately we want to see them empowered and equipped to advocate for themselves.
We have put on several special events for those we support these have included, pamper nights, picnic in the park and craft activities. We are enjoying planning more of these as restrictions are easing.
We accept local donations of furniture, food, toiletries, clothes and toys. These are often dependent on need. Contact us to find out in what way you could help.

If you would like to donate financially to Whispers of Hope please go to our donations page

The Solution

To provide the support we know women need, we are reliant on our volunteers and supporters.

Our volunteers are the difference between…

Despair and Hope, Death and Life, Fear and Freedom, giving up and a future for the women we support.

We need your generous help to reach even more women affected by abuse.

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